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Weekly SNAC, 11 June 2017 - Men’s Event 2017 - The heart of the Christian man






Within every man’s heart is a chamber filled with red-hot magma just waiting to explode! This was the striking image that kicked off the first Bible talk at our recent men’s event. The topic was ‘The Heart of the Christian man’ and the guest speaker was Dave Mears. The Bible often speaks about our ‘heart’ or the ‘inner man’ as the source of our outward behaviour. The key point is that if we want to make real progress in our Christian life, we need to reflect on the true state of our heart. On one hand, this is rather depressing since we know that our heart is stained by sin – so how could we possibly see any lasting change? The answer is that it is only by God working in our hearts by the Holy Spirit! This doesn’t mean that inward (or outward) change will come easily or quickly, but it does mean there is real hope for change. If our goal as Christian men is to simply ‘not fall’, then we have settled for too little. We need to ‘go for gold’ and seek to serve our Lord with our whole lives!

Dinner was enjoyed sitting around several fire-pits. Our mobile pizza ovens were working overtime to keep up with the demand for freshly cooked gourmet pizzas. It was really great to see men from every congregation sitting together and encouraging each other in the Christian life. The 9am Carlton congregation had the honour of eating first after the underdog Bing Kwok won the ‘one-hit-nail-drive’ competition!

The second session started with an interview with Rick Vance. It was really encouraging to hear how the gospel had re-shaped Rick’s heart and behaviours since he became a Christian. The focus of the second talk was outlining some practical steps of how to work on our ‘heart’. There were seven strategies - Prioritise, Ponder, Pray, Protect, Pursue, Partner and Persevere.

The night ended with freshly cooked dessert pizzas – nutella with strawberries and caramel with bananas – the perfect way to finish off the night!

If you would like to hear the talks from the night, you can download them from

Kevin Stepniewski

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