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Weekly SNAC, 17 September 2017 - Our new Bexley North 4:30pm church is underway!

Last Sunday we officially launched our new ‘Arvo church’ at Bexley North. It was an exciting day and the fruition of our planning and preparation over the past 6 to 9 months. There were 25 people at our first public meeting including several people new to St George North responding to invites and advertising. This was very encouraging especially considering that our advertising had not gone as far afield as we had hoped due to a printing mix up.

Our first meeting contained many of the elements of church that we are used to across St George North. Phil preached one of his favourite passages from Jesus’ life – Mark 2 and the healing of the paralytic man. Heather led us in prayer. Mel and Matt read the Bible for us. Cherise organised the music. Esther organised a lovely dinner for after church. Eddie ran the sound desk and Byron the slides on the screen and really the whole team was involved in welcoming people and helping to make the launch an exciting day.

But now that 430 church has launched we are all aware that the work is really just beginning. On Sunday we went out into the community to make personal invites to locals to come to church and we had good conversations with many people. We will need to continue to let people know and make personal invitations. We plan to go visiting again before our second meeting and to distribute advertising further afield in coming weeks.

We thank God for your partnership with us all and pray you will be encouraged to hear of another SNAC church beginning. Just as in coming weeks we will be working hard to invite and welcome new people, we would like to continue to ask for your active partnership with us:

• Please pray for unity in our new church and give thanks to God for the gifted team he has brought together

• Praise God for those who have come along to join us and pray they will feel welcome and rejoice in the news of Jesus with us

• Consider whether you know anyone who hasn’t been able to come to church with you due to other commitments at that time but for whom 4:30pm might work? Perhaps you could let them know about the new time?

• Thank you to all who helped with the first round of leaflet delivery. We’d love a bit more help with the second round of deliveries in the coming weeks so that the core team can focus on making personal invitations to local households.

• Pray for all of us at SNAC, as we have learnt in Ephesians this past term, that we would walk worthy of the Lord Jesus, growing in our knowledge of Him, making the most of the time we have and giving thanks to God the Father who is able to powerfully do more than we can think or ask.

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel!

Jason Veitch ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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