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Weekly SNAC, 4 June 2017 - Kids Holiday Club - Parent’s Café




Sarah: Hey Vic. KHC is only 5 weeks away! Can you tell us how long you’ve been involved in KHC and in what capacity?

Vic: This will be my tenth year being part of the team. I’ve been involved as a parent, I’ve painted murals and been in the kitchen. For the past 5 years I’ve also been a small group leader, especially trying to connect with the kids that come from my Scripture class. And of course I’ve been praying since KHC began!

Sarah: What keeps you coming back each year?

Vic: It’s exciting to see how KHC has grown in number over the years. But more exciting is seeing how many families are now a part of SNAC because they first came to KHC. I’m excited by the boundless opportunities to introduce people to Jesus through KHC.

Sarah: This year you’re helping coordinate the Parent’s Café. What is the Parent’s café?

Vic: Each day kids are signed into KHC by their parents at the rego desk that is helpfully located in the parent’s café. Leaders meet the kids and take them to activities. We encourage parents to hang around and chat over a coffee and morning tea. Parent’s café is really about setting aside some time each morning during KHC to talk to people about Jesus. I find it helpful to have this at the forefront of my mind so that I’m ready to take any opportunity each day, rather than thinking “yay! I’ve got 3.5 hours without the kids”.

Sarah: Why do we run Parent’s café? What’s the aim?

Vic: There are 3 main goals for the café:
1. Getting to know people from our community and working out how we can serve them as a family.
2. Inviting them to the celebration service on Sunday and back to our homes for lunch afterwards.
3. Inviting them to investigate Christianity if they’ve never done that before, especially thinking about what their kids are learning each day at KHC.
Ultimately, we want whole families to come and meet Jesus.

Sarah: How can people be involved? What can we do to help?

Vic: Firstly, please pray! Pray that parents would bring their kids and stick around. Pray that we would seek to love the families that God brings to KHC and get to know them well. Pray that we would be bold in turning conversations to Jesus.

Secondly, if you’re free during the week please come and help serve coffee and morning tea or you could even make something to eat and bring it along. And you can talk to parents too! Please contact Jackie Lei ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you would like to help in this way.

Thirdly, if you have kids at KHC please be praying for the kids that you’re inviting along and their families. Pray for opportunities to speak to parents when they sign in. Aim to be able to spend time at the parent’s café - be available to spend an hour or so there in the mornings chatting to parents. Invite kids over for play dates. Offer to drop kids to and from KHC. Invite families over for lunch after the celebration service (do this during the week), maybe even with another family from SNAC to help you turn conversations to Jesus.

Sarah: What if inviting and talking to parents seems too daunting?

Vic: We’ve already been equipped to do this all term in our Gospel Teams! You could share your My Story or explain the gospel using the Rebellion, Rescue, Response outline.

We’re also running a seminar for SNAC families coming to KHC to better equip them to do evangelism together as a family.
Whether you have invited someone to come this year or not, we would like to invite your family to come and think about how to make the most of the opportunity for evangelism through KHC. We will share ideas, afternoon tea and pray.

Sunday 2nd July at 3-4:15pm at St James Carlton (Cnr Henry & Percival Sts Carlton)
RSVP: Vic 0425 815 331 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sarah: Cool thanks!

Vic: No worries. Now I just have to figure out a Pokemon costume for dress up day!

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