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Weekly SNAC, 27 August 2017 - FIT Camp 2017 is now just 40 days away

Preparation is now well and truly underway with talks and seminars being written, and activities being planned with much fervour.

Around this time every year I begin to feel the same excitement and I remember why I love camp so much. It’s not just that it’s so thoroughly enjoyable (though it is). It’s that it’s always such a major encouragement to me as I see our young people wrestling hard with God’s word, helping each other to wrestle with God’s word, spending time praying together and strengthening the bonds of the youth community here at SNAC. It’s encouraging because I’m witnessing God at work every time I see these things: working in and through his people by his word, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This year, I’m particularly looking forward to:
- Hearing Tom Pollett help us better understand who God is and to know and love him more as a result (God, not Tom).
- Some fantastic seminars on Welcoming, 1-1 Bible Reading and Critical Analysis of the Media (Discernment).
- Our pre-bedtime Fireside sessions lead by Year 12’s Tim and Zoë with interviews and testimonies from a number of our teens.
- Our secret (not-so-secret) tradition of King Charactacus.
- Learning our memory verse. Maybe this year I’ll even be able to learn the actions – singing and doing actions at the same time isn’t necessarily my strong suit.
- Spending lots of time talking and hanging out together.

Please join me in praying for our leadership team as they prepare for camp.
Pray that many youth and their friends will sign up to meet God in the person of his Son through his word and turn to know, trust and follow him.

Registration can be completed online at

PS: We’ve extended Early Bird rates until Tuesday 29th August, so register your High Schoolers now!

Brendan Moar

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