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Weekly SNAC, 3 September 2017 - Prayer for the wider Anglican Church in Australia

Starting today (Sunday 3 September) and for the next week the General Synod of the Anglican Church in Australia meets in Queensland. Every 4 years (roughly) representatives come together from across Australia from each of the Dioceses to discuss matters of importance for the denomination. This can be a difficult time as it brings together the different strands of the Anglican Church. Not all Anglicans are Evangelicals (following the Bible) and many come with different attitudes not just to the Scriptures but to what is important for our churches and our nation. Several important issues will be discussed at the Synod including:

• National standards for dealing with child protection;
• A response to the push for so-called “Same Sex Marriage”;
• Whether the Diocese of Sydney should be able to support the planting of churches in other Dioceses.

Phil, our Senior Minister, is one of the clergy delegates representing our Diocese and James Flavin (1030am Carlton) is one of our lay representatives (that’s why they’re not here today). Please pray for them and all the delegates, especially:

• That there would be a spirit of unity, but that that unity would be based on a
common faith and commitment to the authority of Scripture;
• For wisdom as to when to speak and when to stay silent;
• For opportunities to gently and graciously share the truth of God’s word with
• That the Synod might realise that the thing our nation needs from the church
more than anything else is the clear proclamation of the Gospel.

Please be praying this week.

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