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Weekly SNAC, 29 October 2017 - The “Read Scripture” Bible reading app

Back in August I wrote an article commending “The Bible Project” – online videos that helpfully summarise the structure and message of each book of the Bible (if you haven’t already, check them out at Soon after I wrote that article, someone brought to my attention another great tool for reading the Bible.

The Bible Project has teamed up with some others to create a Bible reading plan and smart phone app. The app in particular is really great – it’s called “Read Scripture” and basically it’s an app that brings together a reading plan, the text of the Bible, and the Bible Project’s videos and illustrations. So all you need to do each day is open up the app, and everything is there! Each day there’s a few chapters of the Bible to read and a Psalm to pray through, and the app keeps track of where you’re up to.

The reading plan starts in Genesis and finishes in Revelation, but they have slightly rearranged the order of the books, so that the story of the Bible is clear. As well as this, there’s those really helpful Bible Project videos scattered all throughout the reading plan, so that the reader can better grasp each part they’re reading, as well as the big picture of the Bible’s story.

The reason this plan and app is so helpful is because so often people try to read the Bible from cover to cover, and they only get a little way in before they find it too hard, so they give up (is that your experience?). But, this app brings you along the journey of the whole Bible, showing how it all fits together and how the Bible is “One unified story that leads us to Jesus”.

I’ve spoken to two of our 6:30 Church members who have been using this app and have found it incredibly helpful to their daily Bible reading.

Why not try it for yourself? It’s so simple and so easy to use, and it’s available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Or head to for more information.

Let’s continue to grow as people who are devoted to hearing God speak to us in his word and growing to be more like Jesus as we do this! Let me know if you try it out (or have already) and if it’s helpful!

Troy Munns

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