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Welcome to St George North

Welcome! We are a vibrant group of churches in the St George Area of Sydney. Starting from quite small beginnings a few years back we have grown to the point where we have tried to start congregations all over the St George region because we are committed to helping people meet Jesus and learn what it means to follow him.

We now have congregations at Bexley, Bexley North and Carlton on a Sunday morning, and then on a Sunday night we have our 6:30pm Church at St James in Carlton.

When you come to one of our churches you’ll find that our members come from all sorts of different backgrounds and represent all age groups, yet we are all one family because of our common faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to God’s word, the Bible.

We are passionate about living our lives to glorify God. And in particular we are committed to three things:

  1. We proclaim Jesus. We want everyone to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ so they can come to know him.
  2. We are on about growing disciples of Jesus. We do that by sharing God’s word together.  One thing you will find about our church is that we are a Bible church. Everything we do is about getting to know God better by learning from his word.
  3. We’re on about serving together. Jesus said that he didn’t come to be served but to serve. And he makes the same call on his followers. Ours is a church where we want every person to use the gifts God has given them to encourage and love and build other people.

That’s what we’re on about and if that excites you or intrigues you, we would love you to come and join us!

The best way to navigate our website is to visit one of our congregation sites – simply select from the church menu above. Alternatively, browse around the other menus to find information about the whole parish of St George North.

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