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St George North Anglican Church is committed to mission, that is the task of sharing the good news with people who people who do not know Jesus. Apart from our local mission in the St George Area, our church also supports a number of other mission organisations focused on Australia and the rest of the world. There are lots of great mission organisations out there but three that we particularly encourage our members to support are listed below. For more information on how you can support mission outside of our church, please talk to your congregational leader or visit the websites below:

Peter and Terry Blowes

Peter and Terry BlowesPeter and Terry Blowes

Peter and Terry are supporting and mentoring Christian student leaders in Argentina and other parts of Latin America. They are assisting with the raising up and training of leaders in different parts of the country, and collaborating with IFES in developing student movements in the southern region of Latin America.

Through these strategic ministries, Peter and Terry hope to participate in building a new generation of Christ-centred Christian leaders who are able teachers of the Bible, strongly supported by their national churches and reaching out to generations to come.

For more information about supporting Peter and Terry click here.

Kellie Nicholas

Kellie Nicholas 
Kellie Nicholas serves in Japan with KGK. KGK is the Japanese affiliate of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). 

Upon returning to Japan, Kellie will be spending most of her time working with university students involved in KGK. This will include training, encouraging and equipping students to study the Bible and participate in evangelism.

Kingsley and Veronica Box

Kingsley and Veronica Box 

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. Students constitute a quarter of the population. There has been little gospel outreach to this group. 

Kingsley and Veronica are working with Maribor Brethren Church and are involved in its teaching ministries. They are seeking to contact and reach students in Maribor with the gospel.

Peter and Sarah Sholl

ShollsMediumPeter and Sarah Sholl with Karina (10/12/1999), Lucy (18/3/2002), Miriam (5/4/2004) 

In Mexico, Peter is the director of MOCLAM, an organisation that provides the Moore College Certificate in Theology course to Spanish-speaking students all over Latin America. This training provides a great opportunity for people from all walks of life – pastors, student workers, church members – to delve deeply into God’s word. As they understand the Bible as a whole, they get to know God better and are transformed personally as they learn. Sarah will support Peter, care for Karina, Lucy and Miriam, and be involved in ministry within the church and community.

Glen and Dominique Turner

Glen and Dominique Turner  

Glen and Dom have been sent from St George North Anglican to partner with the Anglican Church of Tanzania. They are located in Musoma which is located on the shores of Lake Victoria in the north of Tanzania. It is home to over 100,000 people.

In Musoma, Glen teaches English, Christian Studies and other subjects at Mara Anglican Primary School. Dom cares for their three children and homeschools Judah. The Turners serve at their local church through preaching, and teaching Sunday School.

Click here for more informatoin about how to suppor the Turner family in Tanzania.