Kids Church for Easter Sunday

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Song for Easter Sunday

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Na na naa naa
Na na naa naa
Na na naa naa
Na na naa naa


Boss of the cross
Bore the sin and the shame
When he suffered and bled
And lay down with the dead
But the Lamb who was slain
And who rose up again
Is the hope of the lost
He’s Boss of the Cross, Cos


Sin didn’t stain him
Death couldn’t claim him
He rose again
He’s boss of the Cross
See God raise him
Everyone will praise him
Mighty Jesus
Boss of the Cross


Day 1 - He was crucified
Day 2 - Buried dead and died
Day 3 - Boss of the cross gets glorified

Lyrics By Colin Buchanan © 2016 Universal Music (Aust)

Kids video for Easter Sunday


Kids video for Good Friday


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