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We're so glad that you have come to this page. We really miss teaching Scripture each week and are looking forward to coming back hopefully some time soon. While we're waiting, there are lots of great ways to keep growing in your understanding of the Bible and thinking about what it means to follow Jesus. Here are some ideas:

  • Online Scripture lessons - These online lessons continue on with our usual Scripture curriculum. You can find all the lessons here. These lessons usually include a video, a song, some questions to think about and a fun activity page to complete.
  • Kids Church online - Kids Church is our kids program that normally runs during church on Sunday mornings. You can watch our latest teaching video below or access more resources for Kids Church here.
  • Kids Plus online - Kids Plus is our kids program that normally runs at Bexley North on Thursday afternoons and at Carlton on Friday afternoons. You can watch our latest video below or access our online material here. The material includes a fun video, some activity pages that kids can complete by themselves and a set reading from the Big Picture Story Bible.
  • Colin Buchanan - Colin Buchanan has produced some cool videos that are great fun to watch. The videos are available here.

Latest Kids Church video

You can access the instructions for parents here.

For further resources including song actions and links to audio use the button below.

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