Kids Church for Sunday 12th and 19th September

NB: This material was used at Bexley North on Sunday 12th September and Carlton on Sunday 19th September. There was a Kids Church Zoom on the alternate Sundays for each congregation.

Parent instructions

You can download a copy of the instructions for parents here.

Kids Song

Action video


Here are some links to access the song online:


Verse 1

So the God of the universe
Can be the Father of you
He’s the biggest most powerful
Most loving father too


Anyone, everyone
can be in the family of God
No matter who you are
No matter what you’ve done ….

Anyone, everyone
can be in the family of God
By accepting and trusting Jesus
God’s one and only Son

Lyrics by Quiz Worx © 2015

Kids video for Sunday 12th September and 19th September 2021

You can watch the video using Vimeo below: