Tech support for watching our videos for 'SNAC at Home'

How do I watch a video?

Click the 'play' button on the bottom left corner of the video. The button with four arrows pointing outwards located in the bottom right corner will make the video full screen.

What should I do if the video keeps stopping and starting, or if the video quality is poor?

It may help to download the video file to your computer and then watch it. If you can see the word 'vimeo' in the bottom right corner, click it and this will take you take you to the main page for that video. If you can't see the word 'vimeo', you're already on the correct page. Now, underneath the video you should see a button named 'download'. The highest quality video will be 'HD 1080p" but this will take longer to download. If you have a slower internet connection you could choose "HD 720p" or "SD 540p". Once the file has been saved, you can open it on your computer. Once you have finished watching the video, you can delete the mp4 file.

What if I'm having trouble playing vimeo videos on my phone or TV?

If it's available for your device, you can try downloading the specific vimeo app:

Why are we using Vimeo instead of youtube?

The main reason is that Vimeo doesn't have ads



Tips for filming videos at home

What device are you using?

  • In general phones will give the best result (newer the better)
  • For iPhone:
    • Open the Settings app and go to Camera settings
    • Under “Record Video” select 1080p at 30 fps
    • Shoot using the Camera app
  • For Mac:
    • Open “Preferences” app, and select Sound
    • Under Input tab, Make sure internal mic is selected
    • Uncheck the “Use ambient noise reduction box”
    • Open “Quicktime” app
    • Click File > New movie recording
    • Click the arrow next to the record button, select Quality > Maximum
    • If you can choose specific settings, go for 1080p at 25/30fps
    • Record and stop with the record button or space bar.
  • For PC and non-Apple phones – try to use what’s simple and select higher quality settings (1080p at 25/30fps) in system preferences and the recording app
  • For video cameras – most cheap cameras and camcorders are usually not as good as phones. It’s best not to use them unless it’s high quality and/or you really know what you’re doing.


  • Shoot in landscape orientation, not portrait
  • Keep the phone still – set on a tripod or other surface/stand (unless going for the hand-held vibe)
  • Try to focus in on the subject and fill as much of the frame as you can without being too close.
  • Keep the camera at about eye level – we don’t want to see up your nostrils!
  • Aim to have the person’s head between the middle and top of the shot. Keep some space above the head, but not too much!
  • Look at the camera!


  • Don’t sit/stand near a wall/bookcase/etc – aim to be far off the wall – e.g. in the middle of the room, not close to the edge.
  • It’s ok if there’s stuff in the background, but try keep it tidy and not distracting.


  • Try to have a big light source on your front/face (that is, behind the camera), e.g. a window, or a lamp if need be.
  • Avoid shadows on your face.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your face.


  • Clear audio is very important!
  • Choose a location and time that is quiet to minimise any background noise.
  • Speak clearly, project your voice (but don't shout) and always look at the microphone/lens when you're speaking. If you imagine you're standing in front of a room of people, that should give you a good guide to the right volume. 
  • Try to be as close to the camera/mic as possible, while maintain a good shot.


  • Avoid thin stripes/checks (they can come up jittery) and white shirts (too bright!)
  • Avoid colours that blend in with the background.
  • Always go a little more formal/conservative than casual wear.
  • If you're filming something for children's ministry, wear your red shirt.