4:30pm @ Bexley North

Welcome to our 4:30pm Bexley North service

Our Arvo Church is a contemporary church welcoming anyone who is interested in finding out more about Jesus through the Bible and meeting new people in our local community. We usually stay around after a light meal in the church building or head out to a local restaurant for dinner. 

Our church is made up of people of many ages and cultural backgrounds but we share one thing in common: we are a church of people who follow Jesus. What that means in practice is that we know we aren’t perfect but that we try to live the way Jesus taught. This means that at our Sunday services we have a focus on listening to God speak through his Word as it is read and then taught.

If you are looking for a morning service with a full children’s program, you may consider our 10am service at Bexley North. More information here.

For more information, please contact Josh Hesford at josh@snac.org.au or contact our church office (02) 9553 1840.