Web and Privacy Policies

St George North Anglican Church relies upon the generosity of it’s members to fund our various ministries and staff employment costs.

More information about supporting our church can be found on our giving page.

This page provides additional information in regard to our web and privacy policies in relation to using our website and in relation to any financial payments or arrangements organised through this website.

Legal and contact information

St George North Anglican Church is a church. We are not a business and we do not operate to make profits. However, we are legally required to operate using an ABN. For you information our ABN is 87 261 681 537.

Financial transaction information and security of information

  • St George North Anglican church engages a third party provider for all financial transactions.
  • We do not store any personal or financial information on our website
  • We do not pass on any information provided by you to any third party organisation other than that necessary for our Financial Provider to fulfil the transaction and for our Financial Administrator to be aware of your donation or payment.
  • The only information provided to our third party financial system provider is that which is necessary for the transaction in question.
  • All transfer of personal and financial information relating to payments through our provider are made using industry standard encryption (128-bit SSL) as used by our provider.
  • Note that all amounts are specified and processed in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.
  • St George North Anglican Church keeps web server logs for website traffic analysis. We do not publish this information nor store any private information with your requests other than your source IP address. Your IP address only provides general information about you and is sent in every internet web page request you make and commonly logged by all internet web sites.
  • St George North Anglican Church will not place any permanent cookies in your web browser nor attempt to track you in anyway. They only cookies we may use will be temporary and only be used to manage your interaction with our website and improve your user experience. When your session is ended all cookies will expire.

Refund Policy

St George North does not operate an online store or sell services for which refunds are generally required. However, if you mistakenly donate money to our church or inadvertently pay for one of our events then please contact our church office on (02) 9553 1840 or the co-ordinator of the event you have paid for. In the case of an event, it may not be possible to refund all funds however we will endeavour to accommodate your request.