Strand 3 (Year 5/6) additional permission for off-site activity

As part of the activities planned for Kids Holiday Club on Friday 12th July, children in Strand 3 (i.e. Year 5/6) will be leaving the Bexley North church site. The children will be walking in small groups in the local area for a photo scavenger hunt challenges – the children should have a lot of fun =)

Safety precautions: There will be at least two leaders with every group. Groups will only be allowed to walk in a particular area close to Bexley North Anglican Church. No group will be allowed to cross Bexley Road. This activity will last for approximately 1 hour. In the case of heavy rain, this activity will be cancelled and children will remain onsite.

If you would like any more information about the planned activity, please contact Kevin on 0421 286 835 or